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2011-09-15 09:29 pm

Excuse me, person who tried to reset my password, but please. This is ridiculous.

B( Not appreciated, this account is mine and will stay mine.
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2011-01-14 08:06 pm

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[personal profile] wafflehearts moving over o7 friend itttt~ ♥
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2009-05-06 10:04 pm
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idk idk

I... should try not to forget I actually have this journal haha |D

I might just use it for posting art stuffs or something equal to that, but then I'd have to fix a better layout. I think I'll just yank the layout code I have for my DK comm |D
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2009-05-03 08:00 pm


Sooo... dreamwidth, huh. :3 This entry is crossposted to LJ from my DW account, and idk, but I find it pretty amusing.

FIRST ENTRY haha and I feel out of icon-space already. Hm. :|a

Also, my internet is slow.